Crunch Risk is a Price Risk Management and Brokerage firm specializing in a suite of futures contracts in ferrous metals, and base metals. Our mission is to provide for our clients the best knowledge and access to commodity futures markets in an integrous and courteous manner. We adhere strictly to anonymity for our customers in all circumstances.

Financial Brokerage:

Financial derivatives brokerage for hard to hedge commodities, or locational basis, in such commodities as Steel, Iron Ore, Base Metals, and Plastic Monomers. We are the main broker in the U.S. and Europe for Steel, Aluminum Premiums, and Ferrous Scrap. As well, we broker other block futures such as Comex Copper, energy and plastic monomers.

Outsource Price Risk Management and Consulting:

We can help you collect and manage your commodity price risk by using our resources. This Outsource role can provide internal Risk Management at a greater value proposition than internal resources alone due to our unique profile and expertise in the marketplace.


Crunch Risk's client list is numerous and broad in its reach. We deal with End Users, Service Centers, Merchant/Traders, Banks, Producers, and Speculative counterparts. Due to our rules of anonymity for our clients, we can not divulge the identities of clients we do business with, but suffice to say that we do business with all the major and significant counterparts in the futures space including many end customer clients, who range from small privately held companies to Fortune 50 companies.