Crunch Risk is the most active broker in the U.S. steel futures contract (HR), having been integral to the contracts creation on the CME in 2008 and its main promoter since. The contract is primarily used by companies that are hedging their exposures to steel in N. America, but it also has some speculative/trading counterparts as well. Although still somewhat modest in its traded volumes, the HR contract trades daily and serves its customers needs to implement hedges. This contract also enjoys an ever growing trading community from both natural buyers and sellers. 


Crunch Risk is not one of the main brokers in Iron ore, but we have clients that use us to execute orders because of our strict adherence to confidentiality/anonymity of our clients when trading and because of how we handle their orders. Crunch Risk brokers Iron Ore Futures on both the CME and SGX exchanges platforms. On the CME, there is both TIO which is the 62% CFR China Port contract that mirrors the same contract on the SGX (FEF), and there is the Platt's Iodex based contract (PIO), which is a 62% North China Port contract that has been gaining a little more traction of late. Iron Ore futures are quite liquid, particularly on the nearby actively traded months, and are quite transparent. They are traded primarily by speculators out of Asia, traders and banks out of London, and intermittent interest from hedgers along the back end of the curve. 


Crunch Risk is the main broker in the Aluminum Premium futures suite of products (AUP/AEP/EDP/MJP), having been integral to their creation in 2013-2014, and having been their main promoter in the markets since. These contracts are used by end buyers, producers, and traders to manage exposure in the price differentials between the regional index publication price and the underlying LME Aluminum price. The Premium futures underlying indexes for that differential are as follows:

  • AUP - Platt's Mid West P 1020,
  • AEP - Metal Bulletin Rotterdam, Duty Unpaid
  • EDP - Metal Bulletin Rotterdam, Duty Paid
  • MJP - Platt's Major Japanese Port


Crunch Risk is well versed in the best liquidity points for Comex copper, and copper options, as well as the new CME Zinc contract. We are also working on the new CIF China Premium contract.


Crunch Risk is the main broker in the U.S scrap futures market on the CME (BUS), and one of the main brokers in the Turkish scrap futures market on the LME (SC) and the CME (FSF). Additionally Crunch Risk is an active promoter of the Rebar Futures contract on the LME (SR). The futures contracts are used by buyers of scrap based steel and scrap dealers in the case of CME (BUS), and primarily by merchant traders and speculators in the case of LME (SC). Rebar futures are used primarily by hedgers and trader merchants.


Crunch Risk helps clients find liquidity in futures in Ethylene, Propylene, and other monomers as a hedge for Polypropylene, Polyethylene and other plastics/monomer exposures.


Crunch risk can help you find liquidity and best available prices in Nat Gas, Heating oil (No. 2), Crude and Coking Coal.